I would like to share my journey as a programmer with the ones that follow my work. I always knew that I am creative, but never thought to take a chance in the programming field. I have to admit, I was too afraid of the technical side of it. I would even call myself a late bloomer. After spending years in the graphics designer seat, I chose to leave and pursue something different. Yes, I wanted to create tools that others could use. Creating mock-ups for the companies was not satisfying and the pay was not good either.

Now, if you think, behind any so-called creative invention, there is an engineering foundation for it to function. Just like besides any complex structure, there is some calculation involved. I tried not paying attention and just focusing on the front end, but it didn’t work for me. And the reason why is simple, because I could not change the outcome. I could only do what is available to me.

Getting past this limitation required me to study programming and cut my working hours in half. I began another journey that I was not prepared for at all. It was very hard at first. Learning the technical side of programming took about a year and another three years till I was comfortable. However, the hard work paid off. Now, I know both sides: creative and engineering. This helped me to help others better.


Programmers are considered rational people. For the most part, it’s true. While creative people, in general, are the opposites. They tend to rely on feelings more, rather than logical thought. I kind of felt in between, although, I have to admit, that creative people are fun to hang out in the parties. Tech people tend to block emotions and rationalize. What do I mean by that? We are not connecting to our inner self. We just describe the feeling. And tech people, I will include myself too, have to work on this.


One proven method that worked is meditation. As you may know, there are lots of different types. Some even have a religious background. I would advise you to stay away from this type. All you want is pure meditation that would let you connect with your inner self. I mean, with your inner thoughts and feelings.

All you have to do is spare ten minutes of your time every morning and before going to bed. Just lie down and breathe slowly. Any idea or thought that comes to your mind must be left behind by visualizing how you are walking away from it. After practicing for about thirty days I was able to stay focused on my breathing for over ten minutes.


I become calmer and much more focused on my work. My creativity has increased and I keep growing to this day. All thanks to this simple meditation.

Hope it helps you too.