You are probably wondering; why one would be interested in martial art anyway?

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t. However, my fellow programmer is BJJ black belt. He tried to convince me to join BJJ for years. I saw no tangible benefit, and I wasn’t interested in any activity that required sweating with another dude a lot. Boy, I was wrong.

I haven’t had so much fun, except working on my projects, from the moment I stepped on the mat. I even began competing, going to entry-level tournaments, and winning. I can’t recommend how to find the best class or gym, because I went to the same one that I was recommended by my friend. I would advise you to use Google and see the reviews. Just do some basic screening and you will find what you are looking for.

My BJJ Class

I really enjoy my class, because it is structured the way I like it.

We usually start with a few-minute warm-up, and once the bones and muscles are ready, we do some drills. Having a great instructor is a must. It changes the game completely. You want to learn from the best out there. Another important factor is the students, who might become your friend later. Picking appropriate sparring partners is a must. We usually take about half an hour sparing once the instruction part is over. Note that we don’t keep up the score. The score is for competition. All we want to do is get better and be respectful to each other. Cool down is the final stage. Then stretching takes place, showers, and a calm trip back home.

Online Training

I could not emphasize enough, online training is very important; however, it’s not a substitute. I would personally recommend BJJ fanatics training programs. For example, John Danaher and Gordon Ryan are the best. You can learn a lot just by watching and later on practicing with your buddies. Although, I have to say it’s easier said than done. You can’t learn how to code just by watching a tutorial. This is the same thing. You can’t learn jiu-jitsu by comfortably sitting on your chair. However, my instructor strongly recommended looking into online training. He said that it’s like a supplement. You still need to eat healthy food, but supplementing is a must.

Video training helps and hey if you can get it at discount or use a coupon code, even better. You would save a lot on fanatic’s products and its great investment.